Travel much? Armchair tourist? I say, let’s do both!

I created Village Byways as a platform of web sites dedicated to sharing scenic views of villages, shops and attractions in diverse travel & tourist destinations. I will post videos on YouTube, news & updates on this blog, snapshots on Instagram and flashes of wit or wisdom on Facebook. As followers, you can converse with me on these forums or communicate privately by email or Messenger.

My goal is to appeal to all travelers and tourists, whether actual or wannabe, able-bodied or incapacitated, and both young and old alike. Just know that on this site YOU CAN see and enjoy the world and it’s many scenic and exciting attractions from the comfort of your own home – on your PC, tablet or cell phone! And who knows? You  might even discover a ‘Must See’ destination for the very first time right here. Chances are I’ll also have great contact information you can use to set your next trip in motion.

So where should we go first? Any suggestions? It’s time to see the world!